Women's Ministry History

In 1876, Trout Creek Baptist Church was organized. Down through the years, God has blessed the church with faithful women who have used their talents, skills, and love for our Savior to serve others and the church. Their labor has exemplified Ephesians 6:7 where we are told to "Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord" rather than for people." It would be impossible for us to name each faithful one, so the following examples are to give honor and thanks to all the ladies who have been servants of the church over the years.

- Mrs. Mary (Ike) Strawther, who long ago prayed for a work to begin at Trout Creek.

- Mrs. Audie (Whitman) Williams, who along with her family traveled from Old Salem to church in a wagon, many times staying over for evening services, sharing picnic lunches with others,

- Mrs. Ida Bean, who would pick up children for Sunday School in Mr. Jesse's red flat-bed truck, and who managed to have chicken and dumplings done before church - she put a large nail into her pot with the old hen so it would get tender!

- Mrs. Artie (Jessie) Lazenby, who would help Mrs. Ida with the children, and she also taught Sunday School.

- Aunt Clara Bean, for her faithfulness to the church, who embroidered names on an apron for 25 cents per name to raise money for the building fund; any Vacation Bible School student could tell you that she could make the best grape kool-aid and cookies, and the best hot rolls ever.

- Mrs. Lucinda Bean, for being a loyal help-mate for her deacon husband, "Uncle" Johnny Bean, an elder and pillar of the early church.

- Mrs. Lela Pearl Bean, for the quiet love and support she gave her husband, deacon Frank Bean, for her chocolate pies, and for getting six little ones to church on time.

- Mrs, Bessie Bean, who put her hand to the plow in doing whatever she could to further the work of the church, for supporting her deacon husband, Matt Bean, and for getting 8 little ones to church on time.

- Mrs. Jean Black, for her faithful devotion and support for her husband, deacon Robert Black, for serving as church clerk for twenty-nine and one-half years, and for making a most delicious pound cake.

- Mrs. Alice Harley, for all the birthday cakes she made for church members, for the beautiful crocheted pot-holders she gave the ladies, and for her infectious smile and humor.

- And last, for the wives of all our pastors who have been a pillar of strength to their husbands and the church.

In tribute and remembrance of all the women, past and present, who were and are obedient to our Lord. Our church is blessed to have so many young women willing to serve in many ministries. We are blessed  for the tireless help and assistance of our pastor's wife, Debra Fults. All knowing it takes the whole body of Christ working together, building one another up, and operating in our individual gifts to make a living, growing, alive church. They have all truly touched our lives spiritually.